The past few days have been... rough.  My mom was in the ER for 12 hours yesterday.  She has extreme abdominal pain and even two doses of Morphine did nothing to dull the pain away.  She had an additional CT scan done and they did not find anything conclusive.  It just shows that cancer is a horrible disease and that your body can be in agonizing pain, even though nothing appears different.  She got a port in today for the chemotherapy so hoping when that starts she will be in less pain.

Anyways.. should have pushed myself to do something over the weekend as today was a little bit harder.  I did a 3.12 hike and it was relaxing but quite warm for an evening in November.  I also opened up a pledge page on the Charity Miles app here:

Time to take on the rest of the week strong and praying that the pain subsides.